About Healthy Nut Factory:

We opened our first store in 1971, with the hope of bringing healthy chemical free food to our neighbors. What started with an idea turned into a dream and became a reality. We have been part of the natural food movement from when only nuts thought about pure, simply, preservative free food. Over the past 41 years, we have seen the transformation in the natural food industry from being on the fringe of the public awareness to being of vital concern to everyone. We are so proud that we were part of it. Now the bar has been lifted and we are again part of this cutting edge trend to provide, organic, raw, sprouted nuts and mixtures.

We believe that the trend to keep the integrity of our food, with as little alteration to its essence will continue to be a wonderful journey. We are proud to offer over one hundred quality products of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and grains in eco-friendly packaging. We also offer all our products in bulk quantity.

Our specialty nuts and gift packages came about one Christmas Season 28 years ago. As I was putting together some gifts for my son's teachers, a customer came to me and asked if I could sell one to her. I sold my first holiday gift box and my customer left the store delighted with her nut and dried fruit gift. Our healthy nut idea was born and blossomed into a HEALTH PROMOTING HOLIDAY GIFT CHOICE. We provide healthy, preservative free, recently hand packed, unique, functional, gifts and baskets in eco-friendly presentation.

• We beautifully hand arrange and assemble all our gift boxes & baskets.
• Our gifts are overflowing with health promoting products.
• Our value and quality cannot be matched.
• 100% guarantee for all our product's for freshness and integrity.
• Our gifts are assembled in the USA after Thanksgiving for guaranteed freshness.
• Our products are free of preservatives, chemicals.
• All our dried fruits are unsulphured.
• We use only premium whole nuts to reduce oxidation.
• We use 72% dark chocolate made in the USA whenever possible.

Our gift boxes and baskets are beautiful in presentation and loaded with our most popular variety of Nuts, Mixtures and Dried Fruits for the perfect balance of health promoting gift giving and holiday cheer.

We guarantee our products 100%, so you can rest assure that your gift will delight everyone! If you want a head ache free, guilt-free holiday, let us provide you with our 40 years of expertise.